How do I pronounce "LYSANDE"?
It's pronounced "liss-ONDH".  Isn't that pretty?

Headbands give me a headache / don't stay on my head and I hate them. Why should I give Lysande a try?
We're so sorry to hear that you, too, were traumatized by the hair accessory industry. *HUGS!* It turns out that you're not doing it "wrong" and that there's nothing wrong with the shape of your head! Designed by a woman who can finish your sentences because she, too, was traumatized by the hair industrial complex, Lysande wire-framed headbands can be arranged on your head in any number of ways, and conform to the exact shape of YOUR head, ensuring that they don't slip, pinch, slide, and make you hate EVERYTHING.  We stand behind every product we ship out, and will be quick to process your return or exchange, should it come to that.  But we don't think it will!

I don't have hair skills. Can I wear Lysande's wire-framed headbands?
OMG WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE! Um, YES! Our founder, Michelle, didn't know that her hair was actually wavy, and not straight, until her late 20s. We can guarantee that Kardashian-level beauty skills are not required to use our products. Have you ever used a twist tie on a bread bag? Then you'll be brilliant at styling our headbands! They're essentially twist ties for your head.

That said, we'd like to start you off with our collection of mini wire-framed headbands, which you'll find here.  Our other two sizes (midi and maxi) require slightly more hand/eye coordination, but we think you'll work up to them in no time.

Learn more about all of our sizes here!

What is the difference between Lysande's three sizes of wire-framed headbands?
The mini wire-framed headband is the shortest and most narrow (think: perfect for capturing flyaways) and the maxi wire-framed headband is the longest and widest (think: bold style and our number one go to for thick, curly hair).  The midi wire-framed headband is in the middle! We made a blog post to answer your questions, complete with descriptions, photos, and videos - and you can find it here.  Be sure to take advantage of our YouTube channel which features videos not included in our blog post!

Any questions we didn't answer? Email us at or connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @shoplysande!

My headbands are covered in sweat / baby food / dirt / paint / all of the above.  What can I do about it?
Haha ours too, because we wear them ALL THE TIME! You can wash them!  Put your Lysande headbands into a delicates bag and throw them in the washing machine on cold, with detergent that does not contain bleach.  Lay it flat to dry.  Want pictures? We wrote a blog post about it! Find that here.

What does Lysande mean?
In Michelle's words:
"Lysande (pronounced "liss-ONDH") means "luminous" in Swedish.  I chose that name after months of working at farmer's markets and seeing the way that women started to glow when they put on Lysande wire-framed headbands and looked in the mirror. Their faces lit up with the realization that there were hair accessories that made them look and feel gorgeous and strong, and that didn't interfere with their active, adventurous lifestyles!

"I quickly realized that when we feel beautiful and strong we light up from the inside out. I believe the world needs more people who see beauty and own their power, and feeling BEAUTIFUL and STRONG - which comes from knowing that your truest self is being expressed to the world - is the fastest way to get there.

"Lysande (liss-ONDH) is all about embracing the strong AND vulnerable inside each of us. It’s about headbands that gets you in touch with your inner Wonder Woman. And it’s about getting things done with effortless style, sass, and swagger. Cheers to bold self acceptance!"