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About Lysande

Beautiful woman with mulberry maxi wire-framed headband.Lysande (pronounced "liss-ONDH") was founded to make beautiful, comfortable, hassle-free headbands that stay put.  Every Lysande headband has a wire that runs through it so that it can be bent to the exact shape of your head for all-day comfort and stay. I know what you're thinking.  

Is that even real?  Yes.

Lysande wire-framed headbands are like a flower crown of comfort and style resting lovingly on your tender little noggin. And then they stay there. All day. Unless you take a nap, in which case you can take it off and it will be ready for you to pop back on when you wake up from your beauty sleep.

Headbands are a powerful accessory. They can make a person feel creative, grounded, whimsical, and wild all at the same time.

Maybe that makes them a superpower accessory?

But until now they've also been the source of hassle and headaches.

If headbands are your power accessory, if you WANT them to be your power accessory, or if you're just headband-curious, Lysande provides a world of opportunity!  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing you a safe space to play around.  Tag us in your photos on social media @shoplysande using #shoplysande and #lovinglysande so we can see what you're doing with your swag.


About Michelle

Beautiful woman at golden hour wearing a Lysande headband.Hi friends!  I am the founder and maker behind Lysande .  I love adventures, red lipstick, mountain biking, stale gummy bears, and…my cats. Proud #catmoms out there raise your hands! Lysande was founded in Charlottesville, VA where I landed for graduate school and recently moved to Connecticut where I live with my husband and said cats.

Lysande was born in April 2017 shortly after I started treatment for Type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy. I had been recently diagnosed after over 20 years of inexplicable collapsing and sleepiness. Treatment has been a smashing success and I quickly started sharing my journey on my blog and using my wakefulness to start a business. Because as fabulous as narcolepsy treatment is, it isn’t all glitz, glamour, and uninterrupted wakefulness. I’ll always be symptomatic and my medication has gnarly side effects so the flexibility afforded me by being self employed has me doing a happy dance EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. That’s not a joke. There’s a LOT of bad dancing around here. 

Lysande is all about embracing the strong AND vulnerable inside each of us. It’s about headwear that gets you in touch with your inner Wonder Woman. And it’s about getting things done with effortless style, sass, and swagger; another thing that gets me dancing for joy.