Lysande Travels: 3 Days in Austin, Texas

Our trip to Austin started with a snowstorm and cancelled flights.  We decided to go on a snow hike and had a fab time playing in the "snowpocalypse" (read: 3 inches of snow. Hmmmm...).

We were traveling for a friends wedding so there were several events that were set in our schedule. With three days, though, we had plenty of time for BBQ, museums, and Barton Springs!  When I travel, I usually pack more than I could ever wear, and ultimately choose the same thing on repeat almost daily.  For Austin, I wore the same pair of thrifted highwaisted black shorts every day, with 3 different shirts: a thrifted, sleeveless, gingham button-up, this shirt from Oui Fresh, and my Rose Apothecary tee because I am a major Schitt's Creek fan girl!  I brought a slew of Lysande (liss-ONDH) bandanas but stuck to my mainstays: the "Rosie", "Akumal", and "Picnic" wire-framed bandanas. How do you pack for traveling?

Day 1:

As soon as we got to Austin, we left our bags in our adorable, Moonrise Kingdom inspired AirBNB, and hit the food trucks for dinner.  We ate at the Venezuelan Four Brothers truck and I had a delicious pork "areta" with a cornmeal flatbread bun.  DELICIOUS! We devoured our food in minutes, as we are wont to do, before wandering down to the park, and eventually across the river.  We snapped photos in the park, stopped for post-dinner milkshakes and beers at Frank (@hotdogsandcoldbeer), and went by Austin's historic Driskill Hotel to see the architecture.

Day 2: This was our first full day in Austin.  We had the welcome dinner in the evening so we were out and about on the early side.  My husband and I are huge breakfast fans, and our number one breakfast of choice is breakfast burritos.  This put us at Torchey's Tacos at 8am.  While this blurred photo doesn't do them justice - D's hands were hovering as I shot - I couldn't recommend leaving Austin without trying them.  Our day included:

I can't get enough of the murals throughout Austin.  The city is filled with color and texture and almost every wall is covered with artwork.  We picked up bikes after breakfast and headed across the river for a day of adventures.

Michelle wearing Teal Florals wire framed bandana

Day 3:

  • Breakfast
  • March for Our Lives
  • Barton Springs
  • Nap
  • Sculpture Garden for wedding
Lysande's Akumal wire framed bandana
Lysande's Teal Florals wire framed bandana

Day 4:

  • Breakfast at the same place as yesterday
  • Goodbye brunch
  • Adios, Austin!
  • Favorite Austin Instagrammers:
  • Ohhhhchelsea
  • margopolo
  • that girl who has the austin mural walls

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