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Why I Vote

Election Day is upon us. We take our right and responsibility to vote very seriously because regardless of political affiliation, the higher voter turnout, the clearer our voice as a nation becomes. Here at Lysande, we are thrilled to see that young people are registering to vote in record numbers for a midterm election. We know that some people still aren't sure why voting is so important, or feel that their voice might not count; so, Lysande reached out to some of our friends across the US to find out why voting is important to them.    

"I vote because my ancestors were tortured and killed for exercising their right to vote. I vote because black lives matter. I vote because I don’t have the privilege to ignore it, my livelihood as a black women depends on it and those in my community.” - Jessica, New York

"I vote because trans rights are human rights.” - Alex, Massachusetts

"I vote because I remember there are women who fought long and hard to make it possible for us." - Nicole, Darling in Dots, New Jersey

"I vote because I will not be silenced." - Taylor, Utah

"I vote because it’s my responsibility to affect as much change as I can.” - Elisabeth, Oregon

"I vote because I believe it is important to be engaged in our country’s politics whether it effects you or not.” - Katie Sturino, The 12ish Style, New York

"I vote as a form of quiet respect for those who've worked tirelessly to make sure I have that right." Victoria, Prepford Wife, North Carolina

"I vote because the future of my kids depends on it. I view the current administration like it's an R rated movie: there's just no place for it in a house with three young kids." - Meghan, New Mexico

"I vote because I know my vote matters." Caryn, Texas

"I vote because I believe that one vote matters. I can’t accept politics as usual and I believe that together lots of single votes can and will help to form the America I want my kids to grow up in.” - Piper, New York.

"Why do I vote? I always vote because I'm registered in Ohio, historically a swing state. This year, I vote because of the millions of Americans who cannot, whether they have a felony conviction or live in a state affected by voter suppression. We have a responsibility to show up for the disenfranchised, every day, and on Election Day." Anna, New York

"I vote because every voice matters, to stand up for underrepresented people, and to make our schools and communities safer." Kristen, Kentucky

"I vote because women haven't always had the right to vote. I believe it's important to be involved in the political process and to have representatives who share my vision of a better local, state, and federal government." - Andrea, Michigan

"I vote because it gives me the platform to be a part of important issues. This is the chance to use my vote as representation of my voice and to let my stance be known, in hopes of being a part of positive advances and outcomes for myself, as well as others." Rachel, Connecticut

"I'm voting because America needs unity. I voted for candidates who talk about and act upon real issues, not distract citizens with fear." Hilary, Author of Penelope's Petition, West Virginia

"I vote for everyone's civil rights and for people who can't vote." -Alex, Illinois

"My vote is one way that I create an America that I believe in: an America that respects and values all citizens, not just those who look like our founding fathers, an America that acts to preserve our precious planet, and an America that values safety in education and community." - Michelle, Founder/CEO Lysande, Connecticut

Looking for more resources? 

  • We recommend this guide from Vote411 and the League of Women Voters which allows you to build a ballot specific to where you live, and provides information about the specific issues you'll be facing in the voting booth. 
  • Learn about the structure of the midterms by visiting this website. 
Not sure where to go or how to get to the polls on Election Day?  
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  
  • Plan ahead to ensure you make time to vote in your schedule. Will you vote in the morning? After work? During lunch?  
  • Already know you can't make it to the polls on Election Day? Check to see if your state offers EARLY VOTING here, or register for an ABSENTEE BALLOT by visiting the website of your local election office here
  • Lyft and Uber will be offering free and discounted rides to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th. Uber will also offer a 'Get to the Polls Button' the day of the election to help voters quickly find their polling place. Go here to learn more about Lyft's election day services, and here to learn about Uber.

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