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Scarf Care

Woman with her hand in her dark curly hair looking down and smiling while wearing a denim headband.


You've worn your headband, you love your headband, and now you're wondering, How do I care for my beloved headband? 

After wearing your headband, you simply uncoil and gently work out any kinks with your fingers. Voila! Done!

If your headband needs a little more TLC (perhaps you played a rousing game of squash or spent the day dodging flying food whilst wrestling a child), you'll be happy to know that all of our headbands are washable! Either by hand or in a delicates bag in the washing machine. Lay flat to dry and it's ready to wear!


Four images in a collage.  From top left: hand holding a gray blue wired headband wrapped in a spiral; hand holding a dark blue wire-framed headscarf wrapped in a spiral; washing machine delicates bag with scarves inside; two scarves laid out on top of a drying rack.

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How do you store your scarves? We'd love to see! Please email your pictures to or tag us on instagram and facebook at @shoplysande.

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