10 Unconventional Ways to Style Lysande

This week we're sharing our favorite alternative ways to use Lysande headwear.

Raised arm wearing a gingham bandana as a cuff.

1. Ponytail or updo ribbon for instant flair.

Brown hair tied in an updo with a black and white polka dot wire-framed bandana wrapped around the bun.
2. Ankle or wrist cuff: simply wrap around your wrist & you're good to go!

Closeup of feet in green grass and red and white polka dot bandana tied around ankle.

3. Hat band: upgrade your go-to fedora or wide-brimmed hat.
4. Ascot: scarves as chokers are all the rage now (don't believe us? ask Pinterest). Our flexible wire, especially in our bandannas, is perfect for achieving the look sans choking.
5. Purse adornment: a little pop of color; the possibilities are endless! (Our favorite tote made by Crooked Oak Designs.)

Crooked Oak tote bag with Akumal wire-framed bandana tied around tote strap.

6. Decorative ribbon: spruce up your springtime flowers & favorite vases.

Pink wire-framed bandana tied around a vase of flowers.

7. Luggage tag: "Sayonara!" to grabbing someone else's luggage at baggage claim.
8. Pet accessory: why should humans have all the fun? Help your four legged friend celebrate spring by tying a Lysande headband to their collars. (Please do not leave them unsupervised; animal safety is very important!)
9. Belt:  if the headband isn't big enough to wrap around your waist, weave it through a couple of side belt loops & tie.
10. Art: there are infinite ways to display your headbands (again, ask Pinterest if you doubt). Lysande headbands look good no matter where they are: on you or around your home!


What are your favorite ways to style your Lysande headwear? We'd love to see! Please email your pictures to or tag us on instagram and facebook at @shoplysande.

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